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Utah's climate creates a need for many types of turf. For this reason Pack Farms offers various types of sod to fit the needs of our customers here in Utah.

Kentucky Blue Grass

  • Most common home lawn
  • Excellent drought recovery
  • Green, clean and friendly!

Tall Fescue (not currently available)

  • For conserving water
  • Higher PH tolerance
  • Better shade tolerance

We offer other blends as well

     While most folks along the Wasatch Front use Kentucky Blue grass for their landscaping needs, there are places where it is either difficult or even impossible to grow. Pack Farms believes you should have a choice of other grasses that may work better in certain areas.

     In addition to Tall Fescue Turf, we will also be adding a Tall Fescue Bluegrass blend to our product line. We are also growing a blend of grasses that should be extremely shade tolerant!

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